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A company specializing in construction safety management systems

GSIL Co., Ltd.

The smart construction safety management system uses IOT/ICT technology to establish a seven-phase system including Worker Management, Safety Examination of Equipment, Risk Assessment, Work Permission, Vulnerable Sites, Process Management and Disaster Management. The Worker Locating System provides real-time information regarding who is working where.
We offer various systems including one for equipment safety examinations that checks and monitors equipment using an objective list; a risk assessment system that identifies risk levels, causes for work hazards and provides information for workers; and a disaster management system that offers a correspondence manual in case of accidents.


Smart Construction Safety Management System


Smart Construction Safety Management System


Using this system, we can ensure your safety more easily.


Using this system, we can ensure your safety more easily.


Worker Location Services

Indicates worker information and location in real time using a location tag


Vulnerable Sites Pre-Check Management

Examination of vulnerable sites and monitoring using NFC


Risk Assessment

Mobile risk registration / incongruity sharing


Equipment Examination

Equipment registration prior to introduction, equipment examination before use


Laborer/Worker Management

Systematic information management for safety education and laborer attendance / records


Disaster Manual

Emergency bell / emergency phone, disaster information sharing for managers and mobile manual


Environmental Sensor

Wireless temperature, humidity, oxygen, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide meters


Wireless CCTV

Wireless, Wi-Fi based video system for tunnels


One single platform for all information, processes and members involved in construction safety

Safety systems can be established under occupational safety and health management costs
One single platform available for construction fields, official affairs and safety departments
Quick mobile information sharing among members
Awarded by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport at Smart City Exposition / Selected for excellence by the Korea Rail Network Authority
First place award for excellence in construction technology research by the Korea Federation of Construction Contractors